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Approved Volunteers


As a result of the passage of PA Act 153 in 2015, the 2018 ILL Volunteer Application and three (3) additional Clearances are required to “Volunteer” as a Manager, Coach, Team Assistant, Umpire or Board Member of the Indiana Little League during the 2019 Season.
The three (3) additional Clearances are: 1) Act 134 Criminal History, 2) Act 151 Child Welfare, and 3) Act 114 FBI Fingerprinting (“an FBI Fingerprint Search is required only if you have resided outside of Pennsylvania in the past 10 years”).

The League has engaged Justifacts Credential Verification, Inc. (Justifacts) to facilitate and manage the database of Clearances for all Volunteers. The Justifacts process will guide you through the necessary clearances via email. To initiate the process, the League will email you the 2018 LL Volunteer Application and provide Justifacts with your email address.

The League has appointed Matt Budash to the Board Position of V.P. – Compliance. In this role, Matt’s primary duty is to provide Oversight of the League’s compliance with the required background checks by serving as the primary interface with Justifacts. If you have any questions or would like to obtain your Required Volunteer Clearances you can reach Matt Budash on his cell at 412-289-0571 or by email at [email protected].

APPROVED VOLUNTEER LIST (as of 5/17//2019)
Umpires marked with *


Adams, Chris

Allison, Andrew

Allison, Matthew

Alsippi, Dave

Anderson, Chris

Antonacci, Dan

Barley, Kevin

Baron, Robert

Bauer, Scott

Baum Mehus, Jessica

Bell, Barre

Belles, James

Blystone, Beth

Blystone, Chad

Blystone, Jaison

Blystone, Jennifer

Blystone, Ray

Bonatch, Dennis

Boyer, Jamie

Bowman, Scott*

Braun, Brett

Brewer, Jennifer

Brewer, Nathan

Brocious, Dave

Brunetto, Nick

Budash, Matthew*

Carloni, Jim

Carnovale, Michael

Cass, Dave

Clouser, Ashley

Clouser, Justin

Clutter, Sam

Consentino, Gino

Cortazzo, Scott

Cubetta, Peter

Cowburn, Ryan

Cribbs, Jeff

Dindinger, Andrew

Dindinger, Traci

Dolan, Dave

Dougherty, Amy

Dougherty, Pat

Drew, Ken

Dubetsky, Brad

Eckenrode, Christopher

Fennell, Brett

Fisanich, John

Fishel, Rodney

Force, Brian

Force, Brittnei

Foulk, Brian

Heide, Billie

Hogan, Don

Gawel, Mark

Getty, Chad

Jackson, Matthew

Jones, Pete*

Kerr, Eric

Kodman, Jim

Kostryk, David

Kugler, Geoff

Kushner, Joe

Lazzari, Derek

Lazzari, Melanie

Livermore, Karen

Lorelli, Brayden

Manzek, Scott

Manzi, Bob

Martin, Bryan

Martin, Sheila

McCombie, Dave

McCombie, Kelly

McGee, Todd

McHugh, Chad

McIsaac, Ian

Meyers, Holly

Miller, Travis

Moore, David

Mosco, Amanda

Mosco, Chad

Musser, Laura

Oakes, George

Okopal, Dave

Olsen, Craig

Pumford, Andrew

Putt, Jeff

Racchini, Amber

Racchini, James

Race, Timothy

Rado, Kevin

Raglani, Michael

Rapuk, William

Raymond, David

Rebyanski, Amy

Reed, Heather

Ream, Bob

Redinger, Travis

Reed, Dave

Rend, Mark

Revo, John

Rice, Jeff

Rowe, Joshua

Rowe, Katelynn

Rowley, Brad

Runge, Jean

Runge, Timothy

Russell, Doug

Schawl, Justin

Schneider, Patrick

Scott, Joe

Shank, Tyler

Sharbaugh, Julie

Shobert, Todd

Shull, Jerry

Slagle, Terry

Steve, Julie

Steve, Doug

Stitt, Hillary

Stitt, Jeremy

Stossel, Robert

Taylor, William

Thomas, Brian

Tyger, James

Trusal, Brad*

Unrue, Adam

Van Hoose, Keith

VanLeer, Jeff

Walkovich, Joe

Walkovich, Michael

Weigner, Elizabeth

Weigner, Scott

Wenturine, III John

Williams, Audra

Williams, Nathan

Wolff, Benjamin

Yanity, Michael

Yanoschick, Matthew