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FAQ Indiana Little League

What do I do if I have a question that isn’t addressed below?

Email the league at [email protected]

Call or text Bryan Force 412.289.0069

When does registration open?
Registration always opens on January 1 and continues until the first week of February. There is a late fee if you register after it closes.  We do this because there is a lot of planning that takes place in a very short amount of time, and we need to know how many players we have by the close date to make the planning as easy as possible. 

Is there a discount for siblings?

Yes, we offer 10.00 off or each additional sibling.  Please make sure you register them at the same time. 

I can’t afford the fee.  Can my child still play? 
We do not turn anyone down.  However, if you can’t pay the fee you will have to apply with the T-Mobile Grand program.  You will have to be paid in full or show proof that you applied for the program when you arrive for skills assessments.  Please bring a copy of the confirmation email for the league to keep.

Where are skills assessments?
Skills assessments are at The Bullpen Sports Club.  The BP is an indoor turf facility for travel baseball and softball.  The BP is a partner of Indiana Little League and donates the facility for the skills assessments. The BP is located at 602 Kolter Drive, Indiana PA

Why do you do skills assessments? Is it a tryout?
First and foremost, everyone that signs up makes a team.  Our goal is to make sure those teams are as fair and balanced as possible.  To do that we need to know the skill level of each player. 

What does my player need for skills assessments?

Each player should at a minimum have a proper fitting baseball/softball glove.  League bats and helmets will be available. 

How long should I expect to be at the skills assessment?
Players will go through the stations as they arrive.  It typically takes 15 min once they start the first station.  You could wait in line as much as 30 min.  We try to keep the divisions spaced to minimize the wait time.  Your player can leave as soon as the stations are completed. 

Can my son/daughter play up a division? 
Indiana Little league will only permit a player to play up if all coaches and league officials agree that the player is 1. a threat to hurting the players in the division that he or she should be in or 2. If the player is exceptional and scored at the top of the skills assessment scores for the division, they wish to play in.  We do not let players play up for parental convenience.  The decision will always be for the player’s best interest. 

When do we know what team we are on?

After skills assessments are completed the coaches will attend a draft.  At the draft they will pick teams.  League officials are present to make sure the draft is run correctly, and the teams are fair and balanced. After the draft is completed, you will receive an email with your team roster and coach's.  This email will come from the league email. 

Can we request coaches or teammates?
We do our best to accommodate requests in T-Ball and Machine pitch divisions.  10, 12 and 14u we DO NOT honor coach or teammate requests due to the number of players and the varying skill levels. The only players that are locked into a team are the head and assistant coaches’ players.

Can we switch teams if we don't like the team we are on?
After the coaches leave the draft the teams are final. No exceptions.

Do we get a refund if we decide not to play?
  Please refer to the refund policy on the website. 

What is the practice schedule?
Practice schedules are up to the coaches to decide so they will let you know after the teams are announced.  If you want to control the practice schedule, we suggest you sign up to coach. 

What is the game schedule?
Game schedules cannot be determined until teams are announced in each league across the district. Historically for baseball we schedule all games during the week.  Start times are 5:45pm and 7:45 pm M-F.  8u in the early slot, 10u can be in early and late and 12u is mostly late slots. The format we try to follow plays 8u M-F, 12u M-W-F and 10u T-Th. T-ball Plays M-F game times are 5:45-6:45 and 7-8pm. Softball schedule is determined by the district administrator and can change year over year. 

When will the schedule be announced?
We make every effort to have 10 and 12u announced by March 10 and 8u by March 20.  (approx. 30 days prior to season start) 

What is the concession stand policy?
Each parent is responsible for 2 concession stand shifts.  Your shift will be before or after you players game, never during. The coach will send the concession schedule shortly after the schedule is released.  If you do not want to work the concession stand, we offer a buyout for 60.00 at the time of registration and 80.00 after registration is complete. Working the concession not hard and most times enjoyable and rewarding.  

What is the snack policy?
Regardless of whether the parent buys out of the concession stand duty you will still be responsible for the after-game snack for the game that your assigned.  This will be 2.00 per player.  You will go to the concession stand and pick up a folder for your team and deliver it to the head coach.  The coach will have the kids fill out their orders and return it to you with the number of players for that game.  You will then return it to the concession stand and pay 2.00 per player.  You will also pick up the crate from the stand when there are 2 innings left in the game.  Please notify the stand if the game may be shortened due to weather or a 10-run rule.  

How does the coach communicate with us?
Indiana little league uses the GroupMe app for team communication.  You need to download this app so your coach can add you to the group.  After you are added you can add others that need to be in the loop such as spouse, grandparents, babysitter etc.  


How are the post season teams picked?

Each head coach submits their roster with positions as if they were coaching the team.  Each player listed gets 1 vote.  The votes are tallied by the league president and vice president and the teams and coaches are announced.  Coaches are chosen at the discretion of the league officials. 


If I have a question or issue, who do I contact?

Prior to teams being announced all questions should be emailed to [email protected]

After teams are announced your head coach is your primary contact.  If you are not comfortable discussing the issue with the coach, you can contact the league via email, and someone will be in touch.  All conversations are confidential, and we will do our best to resolve the issue or concern.