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Indiana Little League Approved Volunteer SOP


Indiana Little League’s goal is to be compliant with State, Federal and Local agencies.  The safety of the children that we coach will always be our number one priority.  We appreciate you taking the time to complete the steps to be an approved volunteer. This process does take some time, but it is well worth the enjoyment you’ll get while making a positive impact on your players life.  We appreciate you taking the time to execute the following steps. 

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us at [email protected].

Bryan Force


  1. 2019 Little League Volunteer Application

The first requirement is the Little League Volunteer Application. The LL Volunteer Application is processed through a 3rd party and is required by Little League International. 

  1. Go to

  2. On the left side of the home page you will see “LINKS”.

  3. Click on the 2019 Volunteer application

  4. Fill out form in its entirety

  5. Don’t forget your social security number.  This is required.

  6. Please email or snail mail to the Leagues compliance officer

    Matt Budash

    120 S 7th street

    Indiana, Pa 15701

    [email protected]


The next 3 steps are required in order to comply with PA ACT 153.   The Pennsylvania Act 153 Clearance is one of the latest background check solutions for Pennsylvania organizations. The State of Pennsylvania has taken a huge step in keeping children safe by passing the PA Act 153 of 2014. This law helps to ensure that any adults who come in contact with children, either paid employees or unpaid volunteers, complete a comprehensive, and regularly updated, child abuse and Criminal Background Check.






  1. PA State Police (PSP) Criminal Records Check

Get Started by Clicking on the Link below:     

                Click on- New Record Check (Volunteers Only)


  1. PA Child Abuse Clearance

Get Started by clicking on the Link Below:                    

Either "Log In" or "Create an Account"

FBI Fingerprint

If the Volunteer has NOT resided in PA for the Past 10 consecutive years. Click on: DHS Volunteer

Description: An individual applying for or holding an unpaid position as a volunteer with a child-care service, a school or a program, activity or service, as a person responsible for the child's welfare or having direct volunteer contact with children.

Service Code: 1KG6ZJ

Applicant Type: DHS Volunteer

Note: Appointments to be fingerprinted are not required, but pre‐registration is required either online or by phone. To register online, please go to; by telephone please call 1-844-321-2101 and listen to the options menu.


If the Volunteer HAS resided in PA for the Past 10 consecutive years. Use FBI Fingerprint Affidavit- FBI Affidavit Form

FBI Fingerprint Waiver.docx



  1. PA Act 31 / PA Act 126

The next step is completing the federal requirement ACT 31/ Pa Act 126. All Volunteer Team Managers and Team Coaches MUST be in compliance with PA Act 31 / PA Act 126 to satisfy Federal Regulations for Child Protection & Mandatory Reporting enacted in 2018 (Optional for all Other Volunteers)

Act 126 of 2012 ("Child Abuse Recognition and Reporting Training") amended the Public-School Code of 1949 to mandate that all school entities and independent contractors of school entities provide their employees who have direct contact with children with a minimum of three hours of training every five years on child abuse and sexual misconduct recognition and reporting.



Compliance with PA Act 31 / PA Act 126 requires three (3) Hours of Training and can be obtained in one (1) of two (2) ways:


  1. Attend a PA Act 31 / PA Act 126 Training Class set-up by Indiana LL.

  2. Register and Complete the PA Act 31 / PA Act 126 Training On-Line at the PA Child Welfare Center Website at this link:


  1. Volunteer Photo

    The last volunteer requirement is sending us your photo.  This photo will go on your ID badge.  This badge is to be worn when you are in the dugout or on the field.  This shows the parents in attendance that the person coaching their kids has completed the requirements and is an approved volunteer.  Please send a selfie to [email protected] and we will get your badge printed. 


    Congratulations.  You are now an approved volunteer!!